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Purposes of viscosity measurement

Purposes of viscosity measurement

1.Flow behavior is an indirect measure of product uniformity and quality.

2.Viscosity measurement is the most sensitive method for discriminating and determining the attributes of substances (molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, grain size, particle size distribution, concentration, degree of composition, etc.).

3.Viscosity measurement enables direct evaluation relative to the workability of substances (application, 'coat-ability' , 'spray-ability' , pipeline design, film thickness control, printability, etc.).

4.Viscosity measurement allows the tracking of chemical reaction processes (polymerization, condensation endpoint).

5.Viscosity measurement can be used in quality control of manufacturing processes and final products.

6.Viscosity measurement aids process monitoring and control.

7.Viscosity measurement supports research on changes in flowability and their effects based on chemical preparations and type of blending stock.

8.Viscosity measurement provides a means for measuring the effectiveness of mechanics, heat treatment, and additives.

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