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Selecting the right viscometer

Selecting the right viscometer

According to JIS Z 8803 "Fluid Viscosity - Measurement Methods", viscometers are classified into 5 types.

1.Capillary tube viscometers*
2.Falling ball viscometers*
3.Coaxial cylinder rotational viscometers
4.Single cylinder rotational viscometers
5.Cone-plate rotational viscometers

* Viscometers 1 and 2 are used for measurement of Newtonian substances and are not suitable for non-Newtonian substances. TOKI SANGYO manufactures and markets single cylinder and cone-plate rotational viscometers.

A. Single cylinder type rotational viscometers (spindle type)

1. 500mL measurement beaker standard.
2. Two types of standard rotors M1 ~ M4 rotors for low-to-medium viscosities and H1~H7 rotors for medium-to-high viscosities.
3. Applicable JIS standard: JIS K7117-1.

B. Cone-plate rotational viscometer (cone-plate type)

1. This type of viscometer is most suitable for measurement of non-Newtonian substances where the shear rate in the sample is uniform and theoretical analysis possible. Small sample volume is less than 1ml and temperature is easy to control.
2. Standard 1°34' X R24 cone rotor. Many types of cone-rotor options are also available to match the shear rate and viscosity range enabling a wide range of viscosity measurement from kerosene to sol-gels pastes.
3. Applicable JIS standard: JIS K7117-2

C. Other viscometers

Viscometers for process controls are also available such as those which employ the falling cylinder method (Model F viscometers, Model I visco-sensors) as well as various types of rheometers.

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