Viscosity measurement

TOKI SANGYO offers a full line-up of products which meet our customer needs for quality control and research in every field - including high molecular solutions, paints, adhesives, inks, foods, pharmaceuticals, IC pastes, etc.


Viscosity data input software "Visco-viewer"
Visco-viewer software provides an easy way to gather data and plot graphs.
Collect data and Plot graphs software "Visco-chart"
Visco-Chart is a data retrieval and graph generating software. Visco-Chart fetches data output from the viscometer, creates graphs, saves data, and reproduces saved files as well as performs simple analysis. This software can also be provided with a security function and database function.

T-Bar StageAccessories

TS-20 T-Bar Stage TS-20
Useful to measure the viscosity of thixotropic and yield value sample.

Small sample adaptorAccessories

Small sample adaptor Small sample adaptor
To viscosity measurement of small sample volumes.

Temperature BathsAccessories

VM150 Viscomate VM150IV
Highly accurate low temperature circulating temperature bath.
VM-150FⅡ Viscomate VM-150FⅡ
Highly accurate low temperature circulating temperature bath for continuous operation.
VTB250 Viscoblock VTB250 (PDF)
Digital temperature bath for high temperature viscosity measurement.
Julabo High performance circulator (Julabo) (PDF)
Wide temperature (-90°C ~ +400°C) range.

Standard fluids for calibrationAccessories

fluids Standard fluids for viscometer calibration (PDF)
For viscometer calibration and accuracy management.
silicone Silicone calibration fluid for TOKI SANGYO viscometers (PDF)
For single cylinder type rotational viscometers.

Various rotorsAccessories

rotors Wide range of rotors from spindle type to cone-plate type.

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