Viscosity measurement

TOKI SANGYO offers a full line-up of products which meet our customer needs for quality control and research in every field - including high molecular solutions, paints, adhesives, inks, foods, pharmaceuticals, IC pastes, etc.


BII BII Viscometer (PDF)
Our long selling analog type viscometer.
TVB-10 TVB-10W Viscometer (PDF)
Tough, easy-to-use digital viscometer.
TVB-15 TVB-15 Viscometer (PDF)
Added the output function to TVB-10 viscometer.
TV-25 TV-25 Viscometer (PDF)
Digital viscometer with a wide range of functions.
TV-35 TV-35 Viscometer (PDF)
High end digital viscometer with programmable measurement function.
TVC-10 TVC-10 Viscometer (PDF) 
Handy type simple viscometer.
R85 R85 Viscometer (PDF)
Digital viscometer with auto lock function.
R215 RE-215/R215-SR Viscometer
High end digital viscometer with spring relaxation measurement function.

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