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B-type viscometer (spindle)

BII type viscometer

It is the most popular viscometer as a Brookfield type viscometer.
It is used in many JIS standards.


  • It has a wide measurement range from low viscosity to high viscosity.
  • The wetted part is SUS304 / 303.
  • Suitable for measuring the flow characteristics of non-Newtonian liquids.
  • You can use the know-how accumulated by our abundant achievements.


Operating principle

The rotation of the motor of the viscometer body is transmitted to the rotor via the spring.
The viscous friction torque of the liquid acts on the outer circumference of the rotor immersed in the measuring liquid, and the torque and the force of the spring are balanced and the rotor rotates steadily.
The magnitude of the torque is the declination of the pointer fixed to the rotor shaft and is proportional to the value read by the scale plate directly connected to the motor shaft.
Absolute viscosity is calculated from this indicated value and the converted multiplier.

Measurement range

Model Range Range of measurement
67.37 μN・m
67.37 μN・m
718.7 uN・m
2156.1 μN・m
1  ~  100,000 mPa・s
15 ~  100,000 mPa・s
200 ~ 2,000,000 mPa・s
1200 ~ 12,000,000 mPa・s