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Various rotors

Cone rotor

Various optional cone rotors are available depending on the viscosity value of the sample to be measured.

In contrast to the 1°34′ x R24 cone rotor that comes standard, the 3° cone is for measuring higher viscosity samples, and the 0.8° cone is for measuring lower viscosity samples. Choose.
Also, since some “3° cones” have small diameters, the higher the viscosity, the smaller the diameter of the cone rotor selected.

The cone-plate viscometer is a viscometer that can specify the “shear rate”, but the shear rate is determined by the shear rate coefficient and rotation speed of the cone rotor used.

Shear rate = Shear rate factor × Rotational speed

The shear rate coefficient varies depending on the angle of the cone rotor as shown below.
(Independent of cone rotor diameter)

Cone rotor angle Shear rate factor
0.8° 7.5
1°34’ 3.83
3° 2.0

Cone rotor type

Please note that the required sample volume varies depending on the angle and diameter of the cone rotor.

Measurement upper limit