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Viscometer related equipment

Temperature sensor

By combining with a viscometer with a temperature display function or a temperature indicator, it is possible to measure the temperature inside the sample cup in the case of a cone-plate type viscometer, and the sample temperature inside the measurement container in the case of a spindle type viscometer.

Viscometer with temperature display function

Temperature sensor

Viscometer without temperature display function

Temperature indicator(TD-100、TD-100S

Temperature sensor

If there is a problem such as unstable viscosity value, the temperature change of the sample may affect the viscosity measurement, so appropriate temperature control is required.

Usage example of spindle type viscometer

Directly measures the sample temperature in the measurement container by attaching it to the included temperature sensor holder.


Usage example of cone and plate type viscometer

It is attached to the sample cup and measures the temperature inside the cup.

Display example of measured temperature value

A viscometer with a temperature display function (TV-100/200) displays the temperature as shown below.