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Viscometer related equipment

Small volume sample adapter

Viscosity can be measured with a small volume sample (8 to 13 ml) by attaching it to a spindle type viscometer.

  • Viscosity measurement of expensive samples
  • Viscosity measurement of a small amount of prototype sample
  • Dangerous sample viscosity measurement if handled in large quantities

Very useful for the above measurements.

Temperature control is required in combination with a constant temperature bath, but temperature control can be done in a short time due to its small size.

Configuring the small sample adapter

There are HM type for medium viscosity and HH type for high viscosity for small volume sample adapter used in combination with viscometer.

Configuration of HM type
・Rotor (3-piece set)
・Mounting channel

Configuration of HH type
・Rotor (4-piece set)
・Mounting channel

  1. BHM-Type、BHH-Type → For B-type viscometer
  2. THM-Type、THH-Type → For TV type viscometer
  3. RHM-Type、RHH-Type → For R-type viscometer

Chamber type

1.Immersion chamber

Use the “immersion chamber” when using in a Visco block or an immersion constant temperature water bath.

2.Circulation chamber

When using in a circulation type constant temperature water bath, use a “circulation chamber”.

Combination of viscometer, small sample adapter and chamber

Measuring range table