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Viscometer related equipment

T bar stage TS-20

It is ideal for measuring fluids with yield values ​​(paste, gel), semi-solid substances (pudding, jelly, etc.) that undergo structural destruction when subjected to shear, and time-dependent substances (thixotropic substances).

By moving the sample vertically, the T-shaped spindle (T-bar) draws a spiral trajectory, always contacting a new part of the sample, and performs stable measurement without slippage or thixotropic destruction.

T-bar spindle set

How to use

A T-shaped spindle (T-bar) is used for the rotor, and the measurement is performed while slowly moving vertically in the sample.
This way, the T-bar portion of the spindle is constantly in contact with a new portion of the sample, following a helical trajectory.
This method allows stable measurements without slippage or thixotropic breakdown.

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