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Measurement control devices



Data acquisition / graphing software

This product is software for data acquisition and graph generation exclusively for viscometers manufactured by Toki Sangyo.
You can import output data from the viscometer, graph it, save the data, play the saved file, and perform simple analysis.
It can also have security and database functions.


  • Easy operation
  • Graph generation in real time (up to 7 types of graphs can be created)
    • Measurement time (sec) - Viscosity (mPa ・ s)
    • Measurement time (sec) - Index (%)
    • Rotational speed (rpm) - Viscosity (mPa・s)
    • Shear rate (1/sec) - Viscosity (mPa・s)(When using cone plate type)
    • Shear rate (1/sec) - Shear stress (Pa)(When using cone plate type)
    • Viscosity (mPa・s) - Temperature (℃)(When using TP-200E or TD-100S)
    • Temperature (℃) - Measurement time (sec)(When using TP-200E or TD-100S)
  • Drift-free function that enables immediate measurement even at low speed rotation(TP-200E only)
  • PC controllable program function(TV-200 and TP-200E only)
  • Collected data is saved in csv format and text format(Read-only)
  • Analysis and printing of saved data
  • Automatic acquisition stop function by viscosity value or time
  • TI value calculation function(When using program mode)
  • Simple report(final data)Output function
  • Security function(When installing SQL Server)
    • It has a user registration function, and only registered users can log in.
    • Access authority for operation functions can be set for each registered user
  • Database function(When installing SQL Server)
    • Store collected data in a database

※This program can only be used on Windows 7 or later.
 Operating systems older than that are not guaranteed to work and are not supported.



【Top menu】

【Data import screen】

【Remote program screen】         【Temperature program screen】

【File playback screen】

【Text data screen】

【Security function】

【Database function】