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E-type viscometer (cone plate)

TV-100E / 200E type viscometer

It is a cone plate type viscometer that can specify the shear rate and can perform rheorological analysis.

It has been adopted in many fields and plays an important role in supporting quality control in Japanese industry.

* The TV-200E series comes standard with viscosity data acquisition software (Visco-Chart).

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Touch panel

Equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD color touch panel, the screen is easy to see and operability has been improved.


Depending on the viscosity value of the sample to be measured

Low viscosity:L type
High viscosity:H type

It is divided into two models.

Low viscosity (L type)
“M”, “2.5M”, “5M”

High viscosity (H type)
“H”, “R”, “U”

It covers 3 ranges and
It has a measurement range equivalent to that of three conventional viscometers.

This makes it possible to measure multiple samples with different viscosity values.
In addition, since measurement can be performed at a wide range of rotation speeds (share rate), the range of sample evaluation is expanded.

Operating principle

The viscous torque detector is divided into a drive frame and a sensing frame, which are connected by a flex pivot.
A feedback current flows through the Torquer so that the deviation between the drive frame and the sensing frame generated during measurement becomes zero, pushing the sensing frame back.
This measurement method is a measurement method that always returns the deviation to zero (equilibrium) and is called the “zero position method”.

Due to the “pivotless mechanism” that does not use the jewel bearing used in conventional viscometers, it has excellent linearity and reproducibility even in a wide measurement range.

Program function (TV-200E only)

You can set 10 patterns of programs up to 40 steps.

Set “rotation speed”, “measurement range” and “measurement time” for each step.

Since the operation is always fixed, stable measurement with good reproducibility is possible.

Non-Newtonian samples exhibit various behaviors depending on the timing of changes in rotation speed (shear rate) and the difference in measurement time.

Therefore, when measuring such a sample, by using the program function, it is possible to measure with a constant operation regardless of who is measuring it, so stable measurement is possible.

In particular, it is an essential function when you want to obtain flow analysis and TI value (thixotropy index).

Visco-Chart (Standard accessory for TV-200E only)

This software imports viscosity data into a computer.

graph in real time

By graphing in real time, sample characteristics can be visualized and easily evaluated.

In addition, the simple analysis function can calculate the “hysteresis loop area” and “non-Newtonian viscosity index”.

Data compatibility

The TV-100E/200E viscometer conforms to JIS and ISO standards, and the measured data is compatible with other viscometers manufactured by our company.

Optional cone rotor

Various optional cone rotors are available depending on the viscosity value of the sample to be measured.

In contrast to the 1°34′ x R24 cone rotor that comes standard, the 3° cone is for measuring higher viscosity samples, and the 0.8° cone is for measuring lower viscosity samples. Choose.

Also, since some “3° cones” have small diameters, the higher the viscosity, the smaller the diameter of the cone rotor selected.

Temperature sensor

The TV-100E / 200E has a temperature display function.
By using the optional temperature sensor “PE-100”, it is possible to measure the sample temperature inside the measuring container.

About sample temperature control

Since the cone-plate viscometer measures the viscosity of a small amount of sample, it is essential to control the temperature of the sample. Toki Sangyo provides two types of temperature control systems.

Circulating constant temperature water bath

This is a circulation type constant temperature water tank with an external circulation pump that supplies constant temperature water.

Connect the hose to the sample cup to keep the sample temperature constant.

PC-100 (temperature control unit)

By adopting a Peltier element, it is possible to control the temperature with higher speed and accuracy than the conventional constant temperature water bath.


Viscosity data and temperature data can be printed by connecting an optional printer.