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B-type viscometer (spindle)

TVB10 / 15 type viscometer

A digital version of the B-type viscometer with improved durability due to the pivotless mechanism.
It is a standard digital viscometer that even those who are new to viscometers can use it with confidence.


  • Pivotless mechanism (torsion wire + magnetic bearing)
  • Digital display
  • Auto stop function
  • One-touch rotor mounting
  • TVB-15 has a data output function
    (Can be connected to a printer or PC)


Operating principle

The rotation of the motor is transmitted to the rotor via the torsion wire (suspension wire), and the viscous torque acts on the rotor that rotates in the measurement liquid.
The torsion wire rotates in a twisted state by an angle proportional to the magnitude of this viscous torque, and the helix angle of the torsion wire is the same as the helix angle between the slit disks A and B connected to both ends of the torsion wire. is.
The photo sensor provided for each slit disk reads this twist angle and displays it in terms of viscosity.
In addition, there is a magnetic bearing at the lower end of the torsion wire to support the rotor axis in a non-contact manner.

Measurement range

Model Range Range of measurement
67.37 μN・m
718.7 μN・m
1437.4 μN・m
5749.6 μN・m
15  ~  2,000,000 mPa・s
100 ~  8,000,000 mPa・s
100 ~ 16,000,000 mPa・s
400 ~ 64,000,000 mPa・s