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B-type viscometer (spindle)

TVB10 / 15 type viscometer

A digital version of the B-type viscometer with improved durability due to the pivotless mechanism.
It is a standard digital viscometer that even those who are new to viscometers can use it with confidence.


  • Pivotless mechanism (torsion wire + magnetic bearing)
  • Digital display
  • Auto stop function
  • One-touch rotor mounting
  • TVB-15 has a data output function
    (Can be connected to a printer or PC)


Operating principle

The rotation of the motor is transmitted to the rotor via the torsion wire (suspension wire), and the viscous torque acts on the rotor that rotates in the measurement liquid.
The torsion wire rotates in a twisted state by an angle proportional to the magnitude of this viscous torque, and the helix angle of the torsion wire is the same as the helix angle between the slit disks A and B connected to both ends of the torsion wire. is.
The photo sensor provided for each slit disk reads this twist angle and displays it in terms of viscosity.
In addition, there is a magnetic bearing at the lower end of the torsion wire to support the rotor axis in a non-contact manner.

Measurement range

Model Range Range of measurement
67.37 μN・m
718.7 μN・m
1437.4 μN・m
5749.6 μN・m
15  ~  2,000,000 mPa・s
100 ~  8,000,000 mPa・s
100 ~ 16,000,000 mPa・s
400 ~ 64,000,000 mPa・s

Data compatibility

The TVB-10/15 viscometer conforms to JIS and ISO standards, and the measured data is compatible with other viscometers manufactured by our company.

Standard accessory spindle rotor

The B-type viscometer comes standard with the following spindle rotors depending on the range type.

  • M           : TM1 to TM4 4 pieces
  • H、R、U : TH2 to TH7 6 pieces

Small volume sample adapter

By using the optional small volume sample adapter, viscosity measurement can be performed with small volume samples (8 to 13 ml).

  • Viscosity measurement of expensive samples
  • Viscosity measurement of a small amount of prototype sample
  • Dangerous sample viscosity measurement if handled in large quantities

* When using a small volume sample adapter, the sample volume is small, so temperature control using a constant temperature water bath is required.

Low viscosity adapter

By using the optional low-viscosity adapter (L adapter), it is possible to measure the viscosity of low-viscosity fluids that cannot be measured with the standard rotor.

Another feature is that it can be measured with a small sample volume (approximately 22 ml).

* When using a low-viscosity adapter, temperature control using a constant temperature water bath is required because the amount of sample is small.

T-bar stage

For samples that are difficult to measure with a normal B-type viscometer (paste, gel, pudding, jelly, etc.), the T-bar stage enables stable measurement.

Temperature indicator

An optional temperature indicator and temperature sensor make it possible to measure the sample temperature in the measuring vessel.


About sample temperature control

Temperature control of the sample to be measured is very important in viscosity measurement.

By using an immersion type constant temperature water bath, the temperature can be kept constant, enabling more stable viscosity measurement.


With the TVB-15, which has a data output function, viscosity data can be printed by connecting an optional printer.

In addition, by using viscosity data import software (Visco-Chart), it is possible to import viscosity data into a computer.